Free Volunteer Parking

In partnership with UBC Parking, the Legion at UBC has developed a parking program to support parking accessibility for veterans, student service members (Class A-C) and volunteers affiliated with our branch. Eligibility for this program requires membership to our Legion branch; however, financial and accessibility reasons can be considered.


  1. Hold membership at Legion at UBC Branch 294 and remain in good standing
  2. Commitment to supporting branch (attendance, voting, volunteering, committee participation, poppy campaign support, executive team, special projects, etc.)
  3. Student status at UBC (faculty and staff may be considered)


  1. Applicants are required to submit the following application form once they have confirmed eligibility.
  2. The executive team members will review and approve applications once a month (last Monday every month).
  3. Approved applications will be submitted to UBC Parking for processing.
  4. A program information package will be sent to approved applicants to provide details on where to park at UBC Campus.
  5. Parking pass will be active for the academic year between September and June.

Parking Map

To be updated: